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When people think of the most powerful women in Network Marketing, one of the names atthe top of almost every list is Marina Worre.

As Co-Founder & CEO of Network Marketing Pro, Inc.–the largest and most respected trainingcompany for Network Marketing Professionals in the world–Marina embraced herentrepreneurial spirit at a young age.While studying for a degree in economics, atjust18,sheopenedher first business–a high-end children’s clothing store.Over the years, other businessventures would follow, but it was her involvement with the Network Marketing Profession thatwouldchange herbusiness, her life,and her destiny.

Whileactively building her Network Marketing business, she attendeda large internationalconventionfor her companyin Moscow whereshe met and eventually fell in love with hersoulmate,Eric Worre. Under the Network Marketing Pro banner, Marina andEric haveproduced thousands of hours of video-based training contentandsome of the largest and mostprestigious in-person training events in the world–including Go Pro Recruiting Mastery andThe Most Power Women in Network Marketing.

Most recently, when the global Covid-19 pandemicforced Marina and Eric to make a majorpivot in the Network Marketing Pro business model,like all entrepreneurs do, Marinagotcreative and resourceful and set out tobringWorre Studiosto life. Without any priorexperience, in just10impossibly shortweeks,shesingle-handedly spearheaded a team of topaudio/videoproductionprofessionals to construct a 25,000-square-foot state-of-the-artproduction studio in Las Vegas. And although everyone told her there wasn’t enough time orresources to make it happen, on December 11, 2020–direct from Worre Studios and broadcastto tens of thousands of Network Marketing Professionals–Marina’s creation hosted the largestvirtual event in the world, Virtual Go Pro.

And she’s just getting started.

A true inspirationalleader, it is Marina’s mission to help women of all ages, races, and creedsfind their greatness and step into their true potential by embracing their entrepreneurial spiritjust like she has.She has been featured on Fox 5 News, Entrepreneur.com and in the Las VegasReview-Journal.

Marina is a successful businesswoman, wife, and mom, who has learned how to balancebusiness and family in order to live her best life. She is a brilliant, driven force who exemplifiesthe notion that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

At the age of 23, Eric Worre was a young man with a young family to provide for. Hewas also a junior college dropout with no real marketable skills and–having alreadyburned through 18 different minimum wage jobs–his future looked bleak.That’s whenNetwork Marketing changed his fate and saved his life.Now, it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. On his journey to become a multimillion-dollar producer who built sales organizations totaling over 500,000 distributors in morethan 60 countries, he had his share of setbacks–like having to rebuild his organizationseven times in his first three years.But determination born out of desperation paid off, and today Eric is one of the mostrespected, admired, trusted, and sought-after thought leaders in Network Marketing. Nolonger affiliated with any single Network Marketing company, Eric is devoted toeducating, invigorating, inspiring, and giving back to the millions of hard workingNetwork Marketing Professionals around the globe.To dothis, Eric has provided and continues to produce countless complimentarytraining videos for the Network Marketing community on everything from mindset to skillbuilding. His international best-selling bookGo Pro–7 Steps to Becoming a NetworkMarketing Professional,which has sold well over 3 million copies to date, has becomethe manual for anyone who is serious about building their Network Marketing business.He has also created and produced some of the largest and most successful annualgeneric training events that not only help people build belief in their businesses and inthemselves, they are also helping raise the standards of the entire Network Marketingprofession.And Eric is just getting started! His mission is to educate everyone on the planet that, ifyou have an entrepreneurial bone in your body, Network Marketing–while not perfect–is just better … and he’s willing to debate anyone anywhere who says otherwise.

Rakan Khalifa is the youngest Arab Network marketing 7 Figure Earner.Coming from Saudi Arabia to Canada to study he found his passion to help people so he startedlooking for opportunities.Started his business 5 years ago, had no success for a whole year and a half and after that hiswork started taking off. He built an organization of 70,000 people world wide and has one ofthe biggest organizations in the Arab worldr a whole year and a half and after that hiswork started taking off. He built an organization of 70,000 people world wide and has one ofthe biggest organizations in the Arab world

Frazer is a second generation Network Marketer. After attending his first event in 1987 in thewomb of his mother, he went on to see his parents earn 8 figures from theprofession. In 2010,he decided to begin his career as a distributor and in 5 years was able to build a business ofover 300,000 customers using social media!

After consulting with many companies and coaching leaders in different companies,he startedgetting more and more questions and requests regarding his secrets for success. So,he madethe decision to go 100% into generic coaching, speaking and consulting to transform theprofessionof Network Marketing for the better.

Since 2017,Frazerhasbeenableto:

  • Speak on stage in 32 different countries generically.
  • Start the biggest generic event in Europe.
  • Become one of the first generic trainers to speak on the GoPro stagemultipletimes.
  • Host to chart-topping Network Marketing Ninja podcast.
  • Helped hundreds of thousands of Networker Marketers around the world to start,promote and grow their businesses online.
  • Writethe best-selling books,”I Dare You”,”I Double Dare You” & “Loser To Legend”.

Stormy Wellington is an international inspirational speaker, wellness guru, and highlysought-aftermarketing and direct sales expert. She is also a best-selling author and globalserial entrepreneur.Prominently knownaround the worldas “Coach Stormy”, her ambition islimitless, her personalityunforgettable, and her drive and dedication are unmatched.

Stormy Wellington was born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in Miami, Florida. Coming fromhumblebeginnings, she learned to overcome many challenges early on in life, whichcontributedto her tenacityand perseverance today. With over two decades under her belt in the wellness business, Stormy isnoted as thehighest-paid individual in the worldinNetwork Marketing.

She has been featured in Forbes, Essence, and Black Enterprise, and has authored threebooks. Hersocial media reach daily is over one million and counting.

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